According to Canalys in India smartphones will become more costly in 2021


  • May 20,2021
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The Indian smartphone market achieved well in Q1 2021 but as the Covid -19 cases are increasing the Q2 will be the opposite of Q1. Moreover, smartphone buyers will have to pay more and especially for those who will buy a handset that cost under Rs.15,000 as 81% of mobiles imported in India cost under Rs.15,000. 

According to the Canalys analyst Varun Kannan due to the unfavourable macroeconomic conditions in 2021, may lead to the rise in the Average Selling Price of smartphones. 


Furthermore, Canalys expects a decline in smartphones sales in the coming quarter. Since Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly no one will be present in the market for new mobiles. Therefore, there may be a drop in smartphone sales in the market. 

Analyst Sanyan Chaurasia said that regional lockdown due to the second wave of Covid-19 could hinder the transport of raw material and devices because of restricted inter-state travel. There are also restrictions on online and offline sales of smartphones until the situation improves. Hence, the less release will lead to a drop in the sales of the smartphone in Q2 2021. 





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