YouTube to come out with a new gesture to scrub through videos

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  • Aug 20,2024
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YouTube Mobile App used to have a feature that let you skip to a specific part of a video by tapping anywhere on the seek bar. Well, Google is now thinking of bringing back the same feature but in the form of a gesture that will make scrubbing through YouTube videos a lot easier.

Currently, we can tap on the screen while watching a video to bring up the progress bar and then hold and slide to scrub through the video. Even though this works it is not the smoothest of experiences we can have. And aiming for the progress bar to hold is another problem. This gesture solves both by doing the aforementioned without the need for a progress bar.

YouTube Gesture to Scrub Through Videos:

In the new gesture, you can just tap-and-hold anywhere on the screen and then slide that same finger left or right depending on which direction you want to scrub through. While performing the gesture, a 'Slide left or right to seek' message will be displayed on top of the video.

As of now, it is not available on all devices. We can expect an update to roll out in the future over the coming months. For now, if you can't access the gesture, update the app from Google Play to increase your chances. The same can be said for iPhone users, they can try their luck by updating the YouTube iOS app from the app store.


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