YouTube is testing a "Timed comments" feature

  • May 01,2021
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YouTube has recently started testing a new feature related to the comments functionality on the platform and is believed to let users view timed comments on videos. The feature was announced in the YouTube test features and experiments community thread.

According to YouTube, the new timed comments feature “allows you to view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching in a video.” Simply put, this feature will let users view comments that contain timestamps from the current video by using the sorting tool for the comments. By using this feature, users will be able to see certain comments made at certain time in the video.

Along with the "Top comments” filter and “Newest first” filters, the "Timed Beta" is an addition to the comment sorting tool. This feature is available to a select few users who are a part of the experiment as a option in the comment sorting tool in the YouTube app on iOS and Android. YouTube plans on collecting user feedbacks an if feasible, will start rolling out the feature to the masses.




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