Xiaomi introduces RAMDISK for smartphones; significantly enhances game performance

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  • Oct 18,2024
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Nowadays, there's been a rapid increase in the RAM capacity, and owning an 8GB RAM smartphone is quite common. Smartphone companies are introducing gaming smartphones with up to 16GB RAM targeting gamers. 

Recently, Xiaomi introduced RAMDISK technology for phones. This technology uses RAM as disk storage, and as a result performance of an app/game is boosted. 

RAMDISK already exists on computers but this is the first time we are hearing about it on a smartphone. In the trial mode, Mi 10 Ultra users can use and benefit from the 16GB LPDDR5 RAM. RAMDISK will use a portion of RAM as virtual storage due to which the speed of RAM is considerably faster than the storage technology used in current smartphones. 

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone uses LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 for internal storage. The speed of RAM on the device is 44GB/s while the read and write speed of UFS 3.1 is rated at 1700+MB/s and 750+MB/s respectively. To take advantage of the trail mode, Mi 10 users have to go to the "Speed Installation" section in the Game Center, then enter the Game Trail Mode to install mode. As per Xiaomi, the installation of the Peace Elite game using this mode will take only 10 seconds, which is approximately twice as fast as the normal installation. 

For now, over 10 popular games are supported including Glory of KIng, Peace Elite, and QQ Speed. Users can easily uninstall the game from the device and it will be deleted without leaving fragmented files or slowing down the phone. 

However, when the device is restarted or the battery is exhausted, the game installed via RAMDISK mode will disappear as it is stored in the RAM. Besides, Xiaomi is also introducing an option to transfer to the flash memory on the device. 

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