How to Reset Windows 10 Admin Password Using CMD

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  • May 27,2020
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Command Prompt in Windows 10 might be great but it's the most powerful tool Windows offer. There are various commands by which you can use to do some advanced things. Recently, windows launched Windows Terminal App, which clubs all your terminals installed on your system. In Windows 10, CMD can be accessible from the start menu or you can use the run window to open CMD.

  1. To start CMD from Run window, Press Windows+R => type cmd and enter
  2. For start menu, Press Windows + X and select CMD (ADMIN).


Reset Admin Password using CMD

How to reset Windows 10 Admin Password Using CMD

  1. Open Command Prompt in admin mode. Press Windows + X and select CMD (Admin).
  2. Allow all the permission by clicking "Yes".
  3. Now enter the following command to reset the local admin account password net user .
  4. To Create an Admin Account just enter this command. net user /add
    net localgroup administrators /add
  5. All done, the password has been deserted, also you have created a new admin account.

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