Difference Between 10nm 7nm Processor

In layman language, this is the thing that makes the computer work. It processes the instructions, it is responsible for the smooth functioning of any device. The games you play, the photos you click, the apps you download on your mobile phones, it’s all because of the processors!

The time taken to complete your instruction by the device (such as when multitasking) tells us about the quality of this thing.

Hence, the quality of processors is what makes your mobile good or bad.


Difference Between Core


When you search for any topic related to processors, it’s a given that the term “core” is often used.

What is it?

Well, in the simplest way, it’s a part of the processor. More like, a processor is divided into cores. For example, in a dual-core the processor is divided into 2 parts, in quad-core, it’s 4, and so on.

Now, why are they divided?? Do you remember the inverse proportional problem? It’s the same thing here, more the cores, more will be the capability of handling the operations faster and smoother.

Now, coming to the main topic, whenever processors are described, there's the frequent use of the terms such as it's based on 10nm(nanometer) technology, 14nm technology, etc. Well, let's understand what they are!

For the processors to be constructed, it's architecture is designed first. As we know, they are constructed of transistors and in transistors, there has a concept of gates.

And the length it has (gate length or the transistor size) is what 10nm, 7nm, etc are.! Simple isn't it.


Difference Between 10nm and 7nm


Then what's the difference between these two? SImply, less the distance between the plates (gate length):

  • More powerful it would be
  • It's efficiency increases
  • Also, it will have less power consumption.

In conclusion, what's better to choose between a 10nm and a 7nm processor? I choose 7nm! Can we go below 7nm? hmm, that's an interesting thought!


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