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Sony Games now on your Mobile and PC

Sony is one of the few firms that have made a name for itself in the video game console sector. However, the Japanese firm no longer wishes to rely on a single market. It revealed future ambitions dur

Microsoft Surface Pro X in India

Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro X in India in resemblant to its Microsoft Future Ready event. The new Surface Pro X arrives as the thinnest 13- inch Face device in the company’s line-up.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8th Gen 2

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G Cipher Platform (or SD8cx Gen2, SC8180XP) is an ARM- grounded SoC for Windows laptops. It integrates a analogous CPU part as the Snapdragon 855 (same cores but wit

Get Solutions to every problem related to SSD | Ultimate guide to SSD

We have seen many advancements in storage space and speed. Initially, we had Hard Disk Drives or HDD of huge space-taking hardware with low storing capacity. With time the size gets reduced and space

Your smartphone recorded coughs can detects asymptomatic Covid-19 infections via AI model

A new algorithm developed by MIT researchers could be used to help detect people with Covid-19 by listening to the sound of their coughs, reports Zoe Kleinman for BBC News. “In tests, it achieve

Why Restart is important? How just a simple restart fix the problems?

How a simple restart fix all your PC problems? Have you ever thought that why all IT guys always ask you, "Have you restarted your system or not?" and suggest you restart the whole system. So, a sim

US developers launch Quantum computing based virtually unhackable Internet

"Scientists plan to use that trait to make virtually unhackable networks."‚Äč Scientists are also exploring how the quantum internet could expedite the exchange of vast amounts of data. If the compo

Difference Between 10nm and 7nm Processor

In layman language, this is the thing that makes the computer work. It processes the instructions, it is responsible for the smooth functioning of any device. The games you play, the photos you click,