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  • Jul 28,2022
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WhatsApp has always been working for providing the best experience to its users only if we place new WhatsApp Policies on the side. Now it has come up with a whole new UI or user interface modification of Calling Screen of Voice or Video.

Various new changes in UI can be seen on the latest WhatsApp Beta Update (via WABetainfo). 

Majorly, the "End Call" button has been moved to the right side with other options such as mute, speaker, etc. You can add people to a group conference just by swiping down from the bottom.

WhatsApp Update

Swiping down from the bottom will reveal the list of contact and you have to Tap "Ring" to add people to the Conference. In contrast, in the older version, there are few more steps that you have to follow to add people, but it is quite easy now.

One major update that it brings is that you can join in a missed group conference. For Example: If you were ringed for a Group Conference and due to some reason you are not able to pick it up then you have the option to join the group later even if it has started.

The new calling UI and improved group calling experience are rolling out with the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS. Both features were available on my end on WhatsApp beta version If you’re not part of the beta program, you can join it here.

This new change in UI is surely fascinating but it looks like somewhat Facetime, but still it is a valuable upgrade.

Best Change with New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp Tap to Join

The best change from all the tweaks would be the ability to join in a missed group conference. Earlier you need to request people in the group call to add you once again but now you can join as soon as you saw the missed call notification, though it is required that the group call should still be in progress.

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