WhatsApp Head issues Warning to WhatsApp Users

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  • Aug 01,2022
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Recently Whatsapp has issued a precautionary warning to its WhatsApp users, informing them to be familiar with fraudulent performances of the messaging app. Will Cathcart, the CEO of Whatsapp, has made a request to Twitter users not to use the modified rendition of WhatsApp because users could get into severe problems and their personal confidential data can be stolen. Being one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, making it is easier for scammers to deceive consumers using colorful strategies. The company’s security exploration platoon discovered certain fake apps that promise to give features analogous to WhatsApp. Cathcart advised that apps like “ Hey WhatsApp ” from a developer called “ HeyMods ” are dangerous and should be resisted. The researchers noticed that numerous apps pretend to give users with fresh functions, but this is just another way to collect particular information from people’s phones.


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