WhatsApp disappearing messages to have 24 Hours Time

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  • Apr 30,2023
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WhatsApp is always working for enhancing user experience and make users comfortable with its platform. We have seen many improvements such as disappearing message that cheers up the users also we have new WhatsApp policy that put the users down for the WhatsApp.

This time we have new improvements to the disappearing messages. Initially, we have a timer of 7 days, now we will also be having a 24 hours timer for disappearing messages.

WhatsApp 24 hours disappearing messages

For a fact, Disappearing messages let the user delete all the messages including files, media, text, etc from the chat box after a certain period of time. Initially, this was a 7-day timer i.e. a week but now there will be also an option for toggling 24hrs mode i.e. all the messages including media and files will be deleted after 24 hours making it more reliable.

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