VOLOCOPTER IN ROME Rollout started

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  • Nov 19,2024
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Nowadays, the streets and roads are filled with buses, cars, traffic in the city, potholes, that's why few countries decided to go up. 

A modern electric air taxi might be carrying passengers from Fiumicino Airport of Rome to the city centre within approximately three years, as per German firm Volocopter, operator ADR and transportation infrastructure of Rome holding company Atlantia. 

A project called VeloCity - which is further planned for Paris and Singapore - to transport passengers from the airport to the main city within 20 minutes, without any emissions and traffic. The maximum travelling speed will be 110 kilometres per hour. 

Firstly, until the aircraft will fly completely autonomously the electric air taxi will carry the pilot and one passenger. Also, read a joint press release announcing the plan, to know when it will be able to take two passengers. 

The ancient capital of Italy suffers from a notoriously irritating public transport system, roads with potholes, old buses that go up in flames and metro stations often closed for months. This idea of flying electric taxis without pilots has gone viral worldwide to limit pollution and traffic on roads. 



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