Vivo Nex 5 series smartphone Leaks

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  • Jan 17,2024
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In the race to the flagships for 2022, the products are still missing life, banning iQOO, which will resolve between X80 and NEX 5. The ultimate points to come a kind of brand piecemeal, but aiming at the maximum possible configuration, especially between camera, recharge, and design.

As formerly seen over the weeks in the general study, what lies ahead for this smartphone, which has appeared multitudinous times between leaks and marks, is a significant vault in quality indeed compared to what's seen in the X70 series. NEX 5 will not just get it Snapdragon 8 Gen1, but it'll stand out from another top of the range by being the only one in 2022 to mount one 5xultra-periscope camera of the rearmost generation, which lacks the appeal of the flagships released so far.

To this, we add wireless charging (certified) to 50W, which isn't common but which we've only seen on Xiaomi 12 e iQOO 9 Pro. As if that weren't enough, it seems that the Vivo NEX 5 can stand out for being leakproof, a commodity that manufacturers have begun to forget on flagships but which can increase the rates of a smartphone.

In short, for 2022 we must anticipate great effects to live, which is decreasingly the master of the request in China and which surely wants to establish itself as a supergiant of technology, as it has formerly demonstrated in 2021 by going to be the first brand in its motherland on several occasions. And if this translates into the engineering masterpiece that lies ahead for the NEX 5, also it's surely worth it.

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