Truecaller will now allow businesses to verify identity

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  • Apr 22,2024
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Truecaller has stated that over 150 businesses have signed up for the program during the early access phase. The new brand identity solutions from Truecaller are said to improve the consumer experience and increase safety by reducing fraud and scam calls. According to Dunzo, which was part of the trial, delivery partners have seen an 11 percent improvement in phone calls getting picked up, revealed the company.

The platform has more than 270 million active users globally will continue to allow users to view the number of spam markings on calls. Truecaller will now allow businesses to verify their identity as part of its premier Enterprise offering.

Truecaller has said that the spam algorithms will continue to work like before and users will be able to mark spam calls, even if they have a verified badge and Caller ID. Our robust verification process helps consumers identify calls that can be 100 percent trusted to be initiated by a particular business. Over a period of time, this can result in a drastic reduction of frauds and scams that happen over phone calls”.

 Spoofed identities are one of the main reasons for frauds and scams across the globe, and Truecaller has said that the new feature will offer a safe consumer experience while allowing Businesses to be verified on the platform.

The feature will now be available by default to over 270 million Truecaller users globally - on both Android as well as iOS devices. Truecaller notes that the verified identity also reduces the possibility of fraud and can be beneficial for startups and businesses who are brand conscious and want to accurately present the name of their entity, logo and make them tamper-proof.

But there are more indicators including a prominent brand logo and brand name. Truecaller will also not let users edit a name once it’s set by a verified business.|#+|

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