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Top 5 Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft 1.19

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  • Jul 13,2022
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Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft 1.19


1. Curse of Vanishing

On the stylish Minecraft PvP servers, the world can get competitive in terms of in- game gear. Some players indeed go as far as killing you to get your particulars, including your rare pickaxes. While only the stylish armor enchantments can cover you from attacks, the curse of evaporating can insure that no one takes your gear after you die. It makes the pickaxe vanish from the world as soon as youdie.But leaving the competitive script away, the curse of evaporating isn't the stylish Minecraft1.19 enchantment to add to your pickaxe. Unless you find it naturally, you should avoid applying it to your pickaxe.

2. Mending

Mending is one of the most common enhancements in the game and also the easiest one. It allows you to restore the continuity of your item by collecting experience balls. Indeed if you don’t use any other enhancements, mending is a must- have for, at least, the rarer types of pickaxes.However, it'll vanish after nonstop operation, If you choose not to repair your affected pickaxe on time.

3. Unbreaking

 The unbreaking enhancement is a better volition for you, If mending your pickaxe seems exhausting. It virtually prevents the pickaxe from taking damage and having its continuity reduced. Though, it can't make your pickaxe fully unbreakable. Rather, it only decreases the chances of the pickaxe taking harm. Your pickaxe might still take damage every now and also.The unbreaking enhancement has three situations, and you can get all of them in the form of entranced books as well as use the alluring table to apply it.



4. Fortune

Just like the real world, luck in Minecraft has a big part in your gameplay, and that’s what this enchantment is grounded on. It increases the quantum of regular mined blocks and the chances of rare drops. But it doesn't affect any experience that the process of mining drops. You can use it to make the process of acquiring diamonds in Minecraft worth yourwhile.This enhancement has 3 situations, with options of multiple drops being 33, 75, and 120 advanced, independently.

5. Efficiency

Irrespective of how long the pickaxe lasts, its effectiveness is decided by how long it takes to mine blocks. And as you might anticipate, the effective enchantment allows you to mine briskly. It has 5 situations( effectiveness V), and after a base increase of 25, each new position adds fresh 5 effectiveness to the pickaxe.





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