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Top 5 Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

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  • Jul 13,2022
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Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

1. Spawn Next to Igloo, Outpost, and Village

Igloo in Minecraft on Xbox and PS5 are hard to find in utmost cases, credit to their low generate rate and easy-to-miss texture. But this Minecraft1.19 seed spawns you right next to an Igloo and you need to stroll a few blocks to enter them. Sadly basement beneath this igloo is absent but the seed makes up for it by spawning a multi-floor snowy vill close by. Not to forget, there's also a Pillager village visible from the vill that you can explore once you have enough coffers.


2.  Ship at the Dock Seed

Utmost players know how to make a boat in Minecraft, but when it comes to vessels their knowledge is slightly limited. The game does help in furnishing the base by spawning disasters. but utmost of them are beyond form. But you don’t have to move a single block to get a boat if you load into this Minecraft1.19 seed on your PS5 or Xbox press. It spawns a complete boat that has all its corridor complete on a plains reinforcement. Its condition as well as the easy-to-access generate position are rare to find in any other seed.



3. Village Ocean Ruins

This Minecraft1.19 seed is simple but rare. It spawns a riverside plains vill with an ocean ruins structure glitched into a cow barn. This unique structure begetting leads to cows roaming inside the remains and the factual hostile mobs nowhere to befound. However, this seed does diversify the else veritably introductory plains vill in-game, If nothing differently. Though, if it doesn’t impress you, there's another vill hard that generates coming to a witch’s shack in the swamp biome.



4.   Woodland Skyscraper in Minecraft 1.19

By the norms of Minecraft, the woodland palaces in the game are surely an architectural phenomenon to live by dereliction. But this seed takes it a step higher, literally. What we get is a manse that's high than the utmost mountains in the game. Indeed if you ever survive fighting its mobs, you still have to avoid fall damage in Minecraft while getting out of the mansion to truly prevail.



5. Village Stuck in Swamp

This is a seed that gives us a regard of the Minecraft1.20 update can bring to the table. It spawns a vill in the middle of the mangrove swamp biome. Although it's a desert vill with a swamp and desert townies init. Gradually, if we check this vill in the coming update, we might find the missing swamp vill rather.





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