The new iPad Pro still coming soon but supply could be short

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  • Apr 20,2024
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As per the recent news of Bloomberg, Apple's successive iPad, a pro might face supply hindrances at launch because of points in the manufacturing. It is said that Apple's suppliers are having a problem with low producing yields for the new Mini LED display. According to the various rumors, it is one of the main features of the new 12.9-inch model and one producer has paused the production. 

Last week a Nikkei report said that the delay in the production of the Apple iPad is due to the shortage of display parts and display, however, the reports don't tell which model is this. 

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg said that the new Apple iPad Pro array is still expected to be released later on this month.  

It's possible, though, that the bigger model might have a later shipping date. The smaller model will not require the mini LED display, however, further upgrades across the line are said to contain a faster processor with as much power as in the M1 chip in Apple's new MacBooks, also an upgraded USB-C port, and a better camera. 


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