Sony launches Wena 3 Smart Band in Japan

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  • Oct 19,2024
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3rd  generation of its smartwatch band – Sony Wena 3. The company announced the wearable. The company claims to have designed the mechanical structure, antenna, electrical circuit, and board pattern in-house to make sure everything fits through the loop. He also adds that compared to Wena Active, it is 30% smaller in volume and 2.5mm thicker. The company says that it is powered by a unique algorithm for daily health management.

There’s also a “MAMORIO” notification function that helps prevent misplacement and supports searching. The device is said to offer one week of battery life on a single charge and has a built-in reverse power of 24 hours that can be used for payments. It also comes with support for Alexa voice assistant.



The display also has impact resistance which is claimed to withstand a drop impact of 90cm. Apart from this, the smart wristband also comes with support for 5ATM standard waterproof, which is usually found in any wearable device nowadays. In order to improve fit, the battery, as well as the touch-panel display, come in a curved design. 

The screen is now much larger – the Wena Pro had a tiny line display, this one fits several lines of text. It can display notifications from your phone (which you navigate by swiping) and has alarms and timers (which your watch may or may not lack).


  • The built-in NFC supports several mobile payment systems (Japan-specific for now).
  • Detect blood-oxygen saturation and calculate VO2 Max
  • The strap also estimates stress and recovery, it has the usual step counter and sleep tracker as well.
  • The strap is water-resistant up to 5 ATM, making it suitable for swimming.
  • Battery life is about a week and charging is done using a custom connector.
  • This makes the exterior wear-resistant while also avoiding issues with a nickel allergy.


  • It packs an accelerometer
  • Dual optical heart rate sensor
  • Track of sleep data.


Sony Wena 3: Metal (Premium Black and Silver) • Leather (Black and Brown) • Rubber

The Sony Wena 3 will be released in Japan on November 27, it starts at JPY 24,000 before tax for the rubber option (€215 or so), the leather ones are JPY 30-32,000 while the metal ones go for JPY 33-35,000. Previous Wena models have made their way to Europe, maybe this one will too.

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