Slack for Android Could Have Exposed Your Password: Here’s How to Reset

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  • Feb 26,2024
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Due to a mistake, Slack for Android may have briefly logged your passwords as plain text, meaning you should probably change your password. As reported by Android Police, an email has gone out to some people who use Slack for Android, requesting that you reset your password as soon as possible. According to the email, Slack developers made a mistake that caused your Slack password to be included — unencrypted — with the app’s logs.

According to the email sent out by Slack, the issue was identified on January 20, 2021, and fixed on January 21, 2021. Slack is urging users to change their passwords and set a ‘complex and unique' password. If you've received an email, it will have a link redirecting you to reset the password.

To manually do it, go to your profile on Slack, click on More > Account Settings. Now you should see a heading labeled “Password.” Click the “expand” button just to the right of it. Here, you can either directly change your login information by entering your previous password and a new one, or you can send yourself a password reset email if you’ve lost your password and Now as each Slack workspace uses its own login information, you’ll want to repeat this password changing process for each workspace you’re a part of.

Android users are encouraged to update to the latest version of Slack from Google Play. Affected users were asked to wipe their Android app's data, in order to get rid of the logs, where your login credentials are available in plain text. While Slack said that it had already invalidated the logged password, users should especially delete the log from the phone if they have used the same password for other sites as well.

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