Samsung reveals its new OLED display with in-display camera support

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  • Feb 02,2023
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Over the last few years, smartphones have become the testing ground for new groundbreaking display technologies. Be it the trimming of bezels or the camera placement, it was released first for the smartphones to check the water and user reviews. Oppo, Vivo, and recently Xiaomi all have experimented with pop-up cameras as well as the in-display camera to some extent. Even though we can't say they have perfected the technology but they have made some strides in that direction. Now, after experimenting with the pop-up camera on its own devices Samsung has also made its plan to develop its own under-display camera technology. And  Samsung has switched its testing ground from smartphones to laptops. Samsung has recently teased its new in-display camera technology as a bundle for its OLED display technology for laptops, which means that the laptops with Samsung's OLED displays will also have Samsung's under-display camera.

Samsung released a teaser showing off its Ultra-High-definition OLED technology which is now available for laptops. While the blog did not mention any detail about the same, the video did offer a look at the under-panel camera.

The OLED panel developed by Samsung sports an invisible camera hole. The camera is covered by a layer of OLED display which when not in use is in color but goes transparent or translucent when you make use of the camera. Samsung has not explained whether it makes use of AI to offer better picture quality or not. The new OLED panel is able to offer up to 93% screen-to-body ratio and is 50% thinner than the existing conventional OLED panels. It weighs 50 grams lighter too.

As of now, Samsung has not revealed any plans to release a laptop with this new OLED panel. But it is a possibility that it will make an appearance in one of their premium Chromebooks or they can also license it to their OLED display partners.

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