Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 Complete Overview

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  • Jan 19,2022
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On January 14, 2021, Samsung host the most awaited unpacked session through a live stream on YouTube. There are plenty of things that were introduced during the session. Let's have a look at the Samsung Galaxy unpacked 2021:

1. Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Main highlights of the Galaxy Buds Pro are:

  1. Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation: This IANC, hold the power of reducing external noise by 99%. You won't be able to hear the noise from your surrounding while enjoying your music. Bundled with auto voice sense technology, buds will pick up your voice and lowers the music volume so that you can easily have a great conversation with your conversation partner in your surrounding, hence no tension for lowering volume while you speak.
  2. System in Package: SIP, helps Samsung to bundle a 2-way speaker system in such a tiny piece of art. Buds pro has one tweeter (High pitch sound) and one woofer on each bud to give better audio experience.
  3. 3 Mic system: Galaxy Buds pro bundles with 3 mics for reducing noise from the surrounding, most commonly air noise. While on call another person will hear your voice only. Out of these 3 mics, one pic picks up your voice second mic detect for external voice and 3 mic senses for any air disturbances.
  4. Auto Switch: With Auto Switch, your Galaxy Buds Pro will get auto connected to the device that is receiving any calls, as buds pro support multi-device connection at once.
  5. 360 Degree Audio: As mentioned Galaxy Buds Plus will provide immersive audio experience. It comes with head detection technology, you move your head to a direction, the buds will provide audio from that direction.

Apart from these features, Galaxy Buds pro comes with the latest IPX7 rating healing in keeping safe from water. You can have your Galaxy Buds Pro from January 15 at a price of $199.

2. Galaxy Smart Tag

In case you are in habit of losing things, then this is something that you should take a look at. With Galaxy Smart tags, you can easily organise and find your things such as keys, dog, bags etc. This works on strong integration with the Smart Things that help you to find things with precise location pins.

We also have Galaxy Smart Tag Plus, that comes with Ultra-wideband technology that helps in detecting precise location status in real-time. bundles power of AR (Augmented reality), you can search for things on your screen in the real world.

You can get your Smart Tags later this month at a price of $29 for Galaxy Smart Tag and $39.99 for Galaxy Smart Tag Plus.

3. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus

The all-new next-generation lineup of Galaxy series unpacked with hell lot of new features that you should take a look at:

  1. 1300 nits Brightness: The Galaxy S21 comes with a 6.2 inches Dynamic AMOLED and Galaxy S21+ 5G with 6.7 Inches Dynamic AMOLED, that has a high contrast ratio of 2 Lacs and is super bright, that can go up to 1300 nits.
  2. Fastest Chip: This Galaxy lineup is being powered by the fastest CPU ever built on 5nm Process. no doubt increasing performance and whatnot.
  3. Adaptive Refresh rate: Devices are bundled with adaptive refresh rates that can go from 48Hz to 120Hz depending on the content that you are browsing so that you can easily focus on what you are willing to see.
  4. Newly updated cameras: Obviously, cameras would be the part in the next galaxy lineup. You get some great hardware specs bundles with greatest ONE UI 3. Enabling you to get some crisp and clear camera shots.

These are some great things that the Galaxy lineup will offer. This new beast is being powered by a 4800 mAh battery, which Samsung claims that can last a full working day even with 5G connection. You can have your new Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ 5G from 29 January at a price of $799 and $999 respectively.

4. Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This device is simply a great upgrade in-camera over Galaxy S21 lineup. Things that make this device stand out from regular Galaxy S21 and S21+ are:

  1. Display size: Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a 6.8 inches Edge display having Dynamic AMOLED that can go up to 1500 nits. This screen is super bright and hence you can easily view the display even in bright sunny day.
  2. S Pen Support: This is the only device that supports the S Pen functionality among all the Galaxy S21 lineup. Though it won't be bundled with the device (doubtful). They also announced 2 variants of S Pen, one the regular one and other with more features and functionalities.
  3. Adaptive Refresh rate: Galaxy S21 Ultra can go really shuttering 10Hz to super-smooth 120Hz refresh rates.

You can have this device at a price point of $1199.

Note: Just like Apple approach, Samsung won't be providing a power brick inside the box. Though the cable provided would be easily compatible with your charger having Type C. Samsung will also be providing Chargers at lower cost if you want to have one for your Galaxy.

5. Smart things

Samsung Smart Things new feature

The Samsung unpacks some of its great implementation in Smart Things Application:

  1. Strong binding with Android Auto: Smart along with Android Auto are now prepared to give some exclusive features such as coming home. This will automatically turn your IoT device connected to Google Nest such as a heater, washing machine etc.
  2. Digital Key: Car manufacturer such as AUDI, BMW etc, will be working with Samsung for the purpose of Digital Key. This will help you to open up your car without the need for physical keys.

These are some great things that we have seen in the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event.

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