Samsung Galaxy S22 Victus+ Glass Models Coming Soon

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  • Jan 17,2024
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When it comes to smartphone screen protection, no name can equal Corning’s Gorilla Glass. But the company launched the rearmost defensive glass, Victus a time and a half agone. Since also, the ultimate was used by myriads of smartphones. Although not all will remember that the first model with it on board was the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. As for the coming- word model, it seems Corning will uncover it in the nearest future. And there's news that it'll be contemporaneously with Samsung’s forthcoming flagships. Galaxy S22, S22, and S22 Ultra will all use “Gorilla Glass Victus”. Still, we don’t know whether this refers to the front only or they will use it on the reverse as well.


A month agone, we learned that all three models in the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup will be using a glass back. Indeed, if they're covered with the aged interpretation of Gorilla Glass for the hinder panel, it'll still be an upgrade over the S21 and S21. Still, these two use plastic tails, If you remember. Still, in fairness, the S21 Ultra came with Victus on both sides.

Interestingly, the advanced interpretation, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will use some special glass on the reverse. From the blurted spec distance, we can see that it'll borrow Super Clear Glass. But no need to suppose about another manufacturer, as it's also developed by Corning. It has characteristics of reduced reflections and light.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 will be available in Pink Gold, Green, Black, and White, whereas the Ultra variant should be available in Burgundy, Green, Black, and White.

There's no sanctioned launch date yet, but we're awaiting Samsung to uncover the new series on February 8. The report also suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is set to go on pre-orders starting from February 9; they will start dispatching from February 21 and hit the store shelves on February 24.

Generally, the company Galaxy S series flagships come in two performances, Snapdragon and Exynos. Still, a recent report shows that the forthcoming Galaxy S22 series will break this trend. The Exynos 2200 interpretation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 won't be launched at this event.

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