Finally, Exynos 2100 is better than Snapdragon 888

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  • Dec 20,2022
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We are already coming to hear that Samsung next-generation chipset would be more powerful than Snapdragon 888. Both of the chipsets are yet to be released but, these scores are something worth noting. These scores are yet to get official marking.

As per the news, Exynos 2100 will power the upcoming Galaxy S21 line up, which will be announced on coming January, while the chip itself will be announced on January 12. 

Talking of the benchmark scores, as per Ice Universe's statement the CPU peaks at 1,108 points on single-core performance and 3,963 points on multi-threaded workload, which is better than the previous score of 1,006 and 3,059 points, respectively. For comparison, according to official scores by Qualcomm, Snapdragon 888 pumped up to 1,135 and 3,794 points respectively.

If we consider only the scores, then surely Exynos 2100 stands ahead of Snapdragon 888, but still, we have to see the real-world performance difference.

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