Samsung 576 MP camera sensor to debut for automobiles

Samsung was once the world’s first business enterprise to launch a smartphone digicam with a 108-megapixel sensor. During a presentation at SEMI Europe Summit, Haechang Lee, Senior VP Automotive Sensor at Samsung Electronics printed that the South Korean large plans to launch its 576MP digital camera sensor in 2025.

It ought to additionally be used in drones and scientific tools however its use-case as a smartphone digicam doesn’t show up to be a priority. Samsung made clear its ambition to boost a digicam sensor increased than 500MP which goes past the competencies of the human eye.

What’s is new?

With the skills of independent automobiles growing each and every day, the hardware powering them is additionally probably to take a big jump in the coming years. Tesla already makes use of a mixture of RADAR and high-speed sensors to installation practical skills in its cars.

Why is it so promising?

Furthermore, self-sufficient motors from Google and Apple will additionally make use of incredible high-definition cameras successful in taking pictures topics at speed. The coming near digicam sensor can additionally locate its use in high-speed drones, each industrial and non-public ones.

Big Elephants in a room

The 600MP digital camera sensor aspects 0.8µm pixels, is 1/.0.57” huge and consequences in a 22mm bulge.

IoT system

Samsung appears eager on advancing its abilities in the self-reliant motors segment, IoT gadgets, and drones in the close to future.


The upcoming Samsung 576MP digicam sensor is now not supposed for smartphones. According to a report, the Samsung 576MP digicam sensor will most probably debut in automobiles.

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