Salman Khan files complaint against video game ‘Selmon Bhoi’ court orders temporary ban on game

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  • Sep 16,2024
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Salman Khan, the famous actor, had gone to Mumbai civil court to file a case against a video game named "Selmon Bhai ". This game is known to be based on a popular 2002 hit and run case against Salman khan. The court cited that it is an impressionistic resemblance to Salman Khan and ordered a temporary ban on access to the video game. 

The court has also restricted the directors and the developers of the game from relaunching and disseminating or recreating the game and any other character or content relating to the actor. 

The court also ordered the removal of all of the games from the play store or any other platform. 

In this game, a character "Selmon boi" is on a mission to destroy the entire life on earth by killing all aliens who look like animals and humans. 

Salman filed a case in August against the game developers claiming that images and names that appear are to be a mockery of him. This is related to 2002 famous hit and run case against Salman khan. 


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