Research shows 40 percent mobiles are vulnerable to cyberattacks

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  • Apr 29,2023
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“Forty-six percent of organizations had at least one employee download a malicious mobile application that threatened their organization’s networks and data in 2020,” said the Check Point Mobile Security report. Cyber-attacks have increased significantly in the last year, which can be attributed to low safety interfaces as more and more people work from home. With malware increasing and numerous reports on data breaches surfacing, some alarming details have come out. 

The 2021 Mobile Security report, which predicts trends in malware, device vulnerabilities, and in-nation state cyber-attacks also said that about 46% of all organizations had at least one employee who downloaded a malicious mobile application. 

COVID-19 saw a rise in remote working and Check Point forecasts that 60 percent of workers will be mobile by 2024. Check Point's report says that there was a 15 percent increase in banking Trojan activity in 2020, where users' mobile banking credentials were at risk of being stolen.

The report says that 97 percent of organizations globally in 2020 faced mobile threats that used multiple attack vectors and 46 percent had at least one employee download a malicious mobile app. With work from home becoming the new norm, attacks on personal handsets used for office work have been on a rise.

Research also showed that at least 40 percent of the world's mobile devices are inherently vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to flaws in their chipsets, and need urgent patching. This is four out of every 10 handsets in the world. Meanwhile, users have also been advised to remain careful regarding the content they consume and apps they download. One should only download apps from the official app stores to mitigate these kinds of risks.

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