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Remove Chinese Apps from your phone in a single click

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  • May 30,2020
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Indian Army is suffering on the border, Our Prime Minister is trying to talk out the situation with China, But no solution is coming out. China has crossed all the limits this time so we all have to come together and do our part in supporting our country. 

The Government can not ban these apps or cut down supplies from China due to international reasons, But we can stop consuming their product which will surely create a great impact on China, and they will realise that what they are doing is totally wrong.

Now the question which comes up is that How to detect which app is Chinese or not??



An Indian developer has developed an App which can detect every Chinese app on your phone, and help you in uninstalling it from your smartphone.

This app name is " Remove China Apps ". This app will scan all the apps from your phone and show every app with a Chinese background that has been installed in your smartphones. This app will also provide you with an easy way to uninstall this app.

We know that you have some Chinese apps in your daily use, but trust us everything has an alternative. For Example:  

  1. CamScanner - Rapid Scanner by CJSVM
  2. Shareit or Xender - SHAREallJio Switch (both Indian apps) or Google Files
  3. For VPN - Flix VPN (Use Singapore Server)
  4.  Browser - Chrome, Opera (VPN inbuilt in Opera)
  5. U Torrent - IDM+ or ADM, Flud 

{These apps are not Indian, but at least not of Chinese origin. 

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