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Problems with new Smartphone

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  • Jan 22,2023
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After the real revolution that Apple's iPhone made in 2007, smartphones quickly began to spread around the world. In 15 years, the number of people on the planet with smartphones will be about 80 percent. Moreover, many users have several of these gadgets at once.

Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without this device. We use it in various situations - from checking mail to playing games, from phone calls and instant messengers to working in business applications. And perhaps you are also reading this article from a smartphone screen.

But no matter how much these technologies are improved and how many new functions and tasks smartphones would not perform, they all fail sooner or later. And this always becomes a big problem, as the cost of smartphones is quite high. The average price fluctuates between 550-600 dollars.

Of course, the price largely depends on the company that produces the devices. An Apple smartphone will cost you much more than a Lenovo one.

But even if your gadget is from the middle price category, it will be unpleasant for you to lose it, right? Therefore, you should try to fix it. It will cost you less than buying a new device.

We have compiled a list of the most common smartphone failures, and now we will show you how to solve them.

Common software problems

You try to turn on your smartphone, but it remains black. Or the screen comes to life, but the programs start up so slowly that you can't use them. Or you try to make a call, but there is no connection, and neither changing your mobile operator nor connecting to Wi-Fi helps you.

Are you familiar with such situations? All these are software problems. Let's look at some of them in more detail.

  1. A screen is not responding.

Alas, if your new iPhone is stuck on a software update or there are problems with the latest android update, then endless finger taps on the smartphone screen will not help in this case.  then endless finger taps on the smartphone screen will not help in this case. Start by restarting your phone. Then see if there is enough memory in your device and clean up the storage space. Find out if your operating system is compatible with the application you were trying to run.

  1. Connectivity issues.

Don't panic ahead of time. First, make sure the problem is with your phone and not with your mobile carrier. Then turn on airplane mode for a couple of minutes. If this does not help, restart the gadget or disable the SIM card by going to "Settings". A more radical method is to remove the SIM card from the slot and then insert it again.

  1. Full storage space.

Full memory can be the cause of many smartphone crashes. Therefore, check this indicator regularly. Don't store too many photos and videos on your phone. If you can transfer it to another medium, do so. If you think these files should always be available, upload them to the online cloud. Also, you can install a cleaner application on your smartphone that removes unnecessary files.

If all the actions listed in each of the cases did not work, contact the service center for help.

Smartphone hardware problems & their solutions

No matter how perfect and multifunctional your smartphone is, it is still just a technique that becomes unusable over time. And even if you handle your gadget very carefully, you will still encounter hardware problems.

  1. Overheating and rapid battery discharge.

These issues are closely related. Overheating can be one of the causes of battery drain, and low temperatures can cause this too. Therefore, you shouldn't use the gadget in heat and cold. Also, overheating can be caused by internal damage, manufacturing defects, use of incompatible chargers and cables.

For longer battery life, don't use your phone while it's charging, turn off power-hungry features, and lower your screen brightness.

  1. MicroSD card issues.

Let's say you bought a new smartphone and decided to insert a microSD card that you used before into it, but the gadget does not want to read data from this card. In this case, it's not the phone that is to blame, but the outdated card. Try formatting it a few times and then re-inserting it. If that doesn't work, you'll have to buy a new microSD card.

  1. Dim screen.

If you notice that your smartphone screen has darkened and you can't see clearly, check your settings. Perhaps, for some reason, a failure occurred and you just need to return the desired parameters and color intensity. If this doesn't help, screen dimming may indicate more serious problems with the smartphone.

Many hardware problems can only be solved in one way - to replace worn parts. If it is impossible to replace them, get ready to buy a new gadget.

Most common types of phone physical damage and how to avoid it

And now, we will talk about the damage that usually occurs as a result of incidents and careless handling of smartphones.

  1. Broken screen.

Breaking a smartphone screen is very easy, but changing it is much more difficult, and this service is not cheap. Therefore, many users continue to use the broken screen if it functions. For a complete replacement of the screen, contact the manufacturer's service center. If your warranty is already over, find a good repair shop.

  1. Damaged charging port.

Charging port failure often occurs when the cable is pulled sharply. A few careless movements are enough - the phone stops charging. If the cause is a broken cable, you can replace it with a new one. We recommend buying the original cable from the manufacturer. If the port is broken, you will have to take the gadget for repair.

  1. Liquid damage.

Any liquid can be destructive to equipment. Even humid air is dangerous, not to mention the water that has directly entered the gadget's openings. In this case, turn off the phone and then try to dry it, for example, with a hair dryer. At the very least, this will help reduce the harm. But if even a little moisture remains inside the case, the risk of breakage remains very high. Therefore, take the phone to the workshop so that the repair engineers dry the gadget and run diagnostics.

In general, we highly recommend buying a smartphone case and sticking protective glass on the screen. This will not save the gadget from all possible problems, but it can reduce the scale of mechanical damage.


Regardless of the type of breakdown, smartphone repair is a complex and time-consuming process that is best left to professionals. You can reboot the phone or change the microSD card yourself, but you should not open the case, especially if the gadget is still under warranty. Any careless movement can increase the number of breakdowns, which will be more difficult to fix.

Therefore, we advise you to immediately contact the repair shop. Try to find professional repair engineers who are highly experienced and do everything from hp screen replacement and micro soldering to iPhone and Samsung motherboard replacement. They will carry out repairs efficiently and your smartphone will serve you for a long time.

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