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Problems with new Smartphone

After the real revolution that Apple's iPhone made in 2007, smartphones quickly began to spread around the world. In 15 years, the number of people on the planet with smartphones will be about 80 perc

Facebook messenger is going to have Bill Split Feature

Facebook now known as Meta (parent company) is working on a new feature for Messenger, which is the bill split feature. We have seen this feature first in Hike, and now Meta is integra

FB Messenger, Instagram Will Not Get E2E Encryption

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp's parent company — Meta doesn't plan to roll out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by dereliction on Messenger and Instagram until 2023. The company intermingle

'Watch Together' Feature Added to Facebook on iOS and Android Messenger

Recently, Facebook has started rolling out a new feature that enables Messenger users to watch videos together. After a few months of launching screen sharing support, they have decided to roll o

Facebook is now merging Instagram and Messenger chats

The new update seems to replace the Instagram DM icon with a new Facebook Messenger Logo, with more colorful chats now on offer inside the app. According to the report, you can't yet message Facebook

WhatsApp to Integrate Messenger Room on the Web

During this lockdown, we have seen many applications by which we can create rooms and have meetings, like Zoom. Previously, Whatsapp has also increased the number of participants limit from 4 to 8 peo