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How to Get Help in Windows 11

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  • Jul 23,2022
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On a daily basis, we face problems in our Windows system in some capacity, not that Windows has faults but just that we are not that versed with the Microsoft Product. We'll be providing some easy ways to solve your problems.

1. Windows Search bar for Help

  1. Click on the "search" icon available on the Taskbar or type your query by pressing the Windows key.



   2. This redirects you to Bing which offers a convenient and quick solution, often a link to the required Settings page.




   3. Now you can click on this link and can avail support from Microsoft directly.



2. Use the new "Get Started" App 

     1. In the search bar type "get started", then click on the "Get Started" app.



     2. Now you can click on "Get started" and gather information about some new features.



     3. Press "Windows+I" on keyboard to open Settings, here click on "Notifications.



     4. On this page scroll down and click on "Get tips and suggestions..."



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