Redmi Note 10 series under a lot of scrutiny for issues regarding display

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  • Apr 20,2024
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Xiaomi launched its Redmi Note 10 series last month with the base variant costing around Rs.13000. It hasn't even been one month since the device's release, but the gadget is getting a lot of heat for all the issues the device has from the users that grabbed the devices the moment it became available for purchase. 

Early buyers are now reporting touchscreen issues, slowing of handsets, and occasional screen flickering. These issues are reportedly visible up on all three models.

 Redmi India has already acknowledged the issues with the device but has claimed that less than 0.001 percent of users were affected, adding that it was working on a solution. But the fact with the Redmi series is that the number of active users will be in Millions and 0.001 percent of that is not a small amount.

A user has also claimed that even after getting his device replaced, the new device also had the same touch issues. He also claimed that when he alerted the service center about the issue, he was told to wait for one to two months for a software fix.


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