Realme TechLife Convertible ACs Launched

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  • Apr 30,2022
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Realme, the smartphone brand, is finally making inroads into the home appliances market. Realme has released convertible air conditioners in India as part of its TechLife ecosystem. The split/convertible AC series includes three variants, with prices starting at Rs. 27,790. All AC versions are available in white. Previously, Realme has marketed washing machines and vacuum cleaners in the country.

Realme convertible AC price & availability

The air conditioners will be available in two sizes: one tonne and one and a half tonnes. The 1-ton model has a 4-star rating and costs Rs. 27,790, while the 1.5-ton variant has a 4-star rating and costs Rs. 30,999.

There is also a 5-star 1.5-ton model. The price is Rs. 33,490. All three air conditioners will be available for purchase on Flipkart in the near future.

Realme ACs Features

The Realme ACs are said to be able to adjust their cooling capacity dependent on the number of persons in the room. It has inverter compressor technology, which promises faster cooling and longer endurance. The ACs claim to give appropriate temperature while also saving power. Auto-Restart is also offered, ensuring that customers do not have to manually reset the settings after a power outage.

These air conditioners are designed specifically for Indian summers and claim to provide cooling even at temperatures as high as 55 degrees. The air conditioners have an automatic cleaning mechanism built in to protect them from dust, mould, and moisture. The Auto Clean feature runs for 30 seconds and uses a vigorous air blow to dry the droplets inside the AC.

There are several modes to choose from, including Dry, Eco, and 3 Sleep. These air conditioners include 4-in-1 cooling for more energy savings. According to Realme, cooling capacity can be adjusted to 40 percent, 60 percent, 80 percent, and 110 percent.

The ACs are outfitted with Blue FinTech, which protects the coils inside the ACs, as well as a 100 percent copper condenser and inner grooved copper tubes to aid in heat transmission efficiency. ACS are exceptionally quiet because they use an eco-friendly refrigerant and operate without the use of a stabiliser.

The AC Box will come with one indoor AC unit, one outdoor AC unit, a remote control, installation plates and screws, wiring, a user handbook, a 3m copper pipe, and 2AAA batteries for the remote.

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