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  • Dec 16,2024
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At the Augmented World Expo 2021e Qualcomm has declared a mixed reality developer platform, Snapdragon Spaces. In simple words, we can say that Snapdragon spaces will form a head-worn Augmented Reality (AR) experience that will adapt to the space around us. It is said to be the developer's first approach, Qualcomm mentioned that these snapdragon spaces are going to be an open ecosystem for companies and developers to work mainstream programs for spatial computing.

While announcing the platform the company showed a teaser video in which various applications were shown like spatial mapping, position and hand tracking of users, virtual anchors, games, image and object recognition, adapting to the scene and surface detection also. Qualcomm says that Such kinds of use cases can be built with the help of Snapdragon Spaces to build apps for head-worn XR/AR gear.

This platform also provides support to mainstream developer tools for graphic apps like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and right now the access for it is rolling out to a few main developers.



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