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Electric vehicles India Good News

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  • Dec 23,2023
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In Glasgow last week India launched E- Amrit, a government under the portal.This portal is gonna be a one-stop shop for every electric vehicle-related query.There are subsidies for drivers and manufacturers for charging facility areas and many other options related to finance.The ultimate goal of this portal is to enhance consumer knowledge.This portal is said to be a masterstroke of kinds and this is going to change the story of EV adoption globally. The more drivers will get to know about their options, the more the government can deal with all the problems about how far electric vehicles can travel and other issues. As it is not only about the new technology available for the customers or buyers but providing them with all the knowledge and equipment or tools to make an aware decision. We know that nowadays there is every kind of information on Google but merely reading a few articles, blogs and news isn't going to clear all the doubt and can't even provide the information of the gadgets.Globally, a lack of consumer awareness has been a big hurdle to campaigns to promote Electric vehicles and their adoption.The E- Amrit portal is a very good initiative.This kind of policy or action is needed to make the public aware of EVs and clear their misconceptions.



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