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Plant Root Battery New Tech Research

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  • Dec 21,2024
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There is always a chase for new energy sources. From solar energy sources to hydro and coal, the world of science and technology is still looking for sustainable and easily available energy sources. And side by side there is also a focus on discovering new ways to store that energy. At Swedish university, Researchers have found a most unlikely or unexpected place to store the energy. They have discovered a way by which the roots of the plant can be utilised as an energy storage device. This discovery includes a process in which plants are needed to be watered with a certain solution (an oligomer solution) to make the roots a conductor of electricity. Isn't it a surprising but amazing way that researchers have found to store the energy? 

The scientists and the team also found that plants can store energy a hundred times more than the previous systems which use only plant stems. And, this method seems to have little effect on the well being of plants themselves.

In the year 2015, Stanvrinidou fabricated the electrical circuits in the form of the vascular tissue of roses and the circuit was then used to make transistors. And after two years they were able to turn the plants into electrical conductors which are capable of storing energy. 



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