Oppo Inno Day 2020 new launch event highlights

The teaser poster has a photo of the glasses, and it shows that the Oppo AR Glasses look similar to sunglasses. There is a metal frame around the edges and additional black curtain frames to block surrounding distractions. Apart from these products, Oppo has also teased the arrival of a spatial computing AR app that looks to offer interesting superimposed views in the virtual world.  

The IoT product has been teased in a poster and it seems to be identical to the sun shades you put on. The Oppo AR Glasses will seemingly be embedded with a bunch of sensors to allow immersive expertise for customers. Alongside, the AR Glasses, Oppo has additionally teased the arrival of an idea cellphone, which can see innovation within the show display screen.

1. AR glasses

AR glasses look similar to regular sunglasses. It has a metal framing as well as a black curtain around the frame to block distractions. The Weibo post says, “Sit 3 meters away and enjoy the immersive experience of a 90-inch large screen.” It will be offering a comfortable experience for its users with two lenses at the corners of which one will be delivering power to the AR system. Also, it is said to include voice or physical buttons and a spatial mic array with 3D surround audio and gesture controls.

2. CybeReal App

OPPO officially announced a new concept application called CybeReal. It is an AR (Augmented Reality) based platform that will help bridge the boundaries between the digital and real world. The company is calling it an AR super application. According to the company’s official notes, CybeReal can display information regarding the scene being displayed on the screen through a device’s cameras.

This would help in various aspects like navigation, information regarding stores and their activities, and even introduction to local attractions or landmarks. Simply put, users can just open the camera through an app, which will allow them to see information regarding their surroundings in real-time. The technology is also somewhat similar to Huawei AR Maps 2.0, which was announced back in October.

AR applications have been growing in recent times with OEMs working to include in many forms like marketing, launches, and even commerce to a certain degree. Unfortunately, finer details regarding the AR platform from OPPO is currently unknown. The company has emphasized its functionality with entertainment and navigation, but further applications can only be speculated at the moment.

3. New charging technology

The 125 Watt charger and the 65 Watt AirVooc wireless charger will probably also be discussed, and the first Oppo phones will probably be introduced next year with this fast charging technology. The chargers themselves were already announced in July this year. As a pioneer in the field of 5G and with a strong focus on design, cameras, and battery, Oppo expects to increase its European market share to 10-15% in the next two to three years. Last year, only 1% of all phones sold in Europe were from Oppo, this quarter that number is already around 4%.


A partial glimpse of the cellphone is obtainable and it’s seen to sport curved edges. It might be a foldable cellphone with a clamshell-like foldable display screen, or the one supplied on the Galaxy Fold vary. On any occasion, this can simply be an idea cellphone and is not anticipated to be launched commercially. Other than this the company is likely to unveil the Watch RX with a round dial. The Oppo’s own laptops and tablets are also set to make an appearance.

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