Nokia and NASA partnership launching 4G LTE on the Moon

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  • Oct 05,2024
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As per NASA Associate Administrator James Reuter, the 4G LTE network can help them communicate between lunar habitats and the astronauts when exploring the Moon’s surface. “With NASA funding, Nokia will look at how terrestrial technology could be modified for the lunar environment to support reliable, high-rate communications," he said. In addition, this could also help the agency to communicate with the spacecraft.

For now, NASA, Nokia partnership is going to be a crucial aspect of the Artemis mission. As communication is key for the astronauts, having a good LTE setup is crucial for the mission. Knowing Nokia's services, we can expect to see a reliable and stable 4G LTE on the Moon soon.

NASA is planning to take a walk on the moon sometime in 2020 and this time it might just take Nokia’s help to communicate up there. In a fresh new release, the firm has said that it will be offering Nokia, a funding of $14.1 million to build a 4G LTE network that could work up there. 

Moreover, Nokia has also been aggressively pushing 5G networks as well. The Finnish company has rolled out a new software technology that can upgrade existing 4G networks to 5G.

This is especially handy for countries like India, where Tier I, II, and even III cities have good stable 4G networks. It is worth adding that Nokia is not trying to bring 4G LTE to the Moon for the first time. The company has previously joined hands with Vodafone to build a Moon-based LTE network for the Apollo 17 landing. The network could send high-definition video from the Moon to Earth.

“Once there, astronauts will take pictures of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair in the cupola control tower, which has panoramic views of the cosmos. The images will be used on social media, with the company planning to auction one bottle off for charity when the items return to Earth this spring,” added the report. But $14.1 million is a small part of the $370 million funding by NASA. Companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance get a major share of $53.2 million and $86.2 million respectively.



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