Nintendo partners with Tag Heuer for 'Super Mario' Watch

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  • Jul 18,2024
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You can sign up for early access on Tag Heuer's website, which takes you to a countdown to July 15, even though the tweet says July 13. Surprisingly. the information on Tag Heuer's official Twitter account and their official website is slightly confusing. The tweet which was published on July 9 says "Coming Super Soon.

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer is collaborating with Nintendo to launch a limited edition Super Mario Watch next week. Nintendo has partnered with Tag Heuer, the premium Swiss watchmaker to develop a Mario-themed watch. The collaboration was revealed via a rather unusual teaser posted on Twitter on July 9, 2021.

The site doesn’t list any details on pricing, but from what I can tell, most Tag Heuer watches cost at least a grand, so it seems likely that this Super Mario watch won’t be cheap. And I have to say that the collaboration isn’t one I’d expect to see from Nintendo, which I wouldn’t consider a luxury brand.  

Interested readers can sign up on the official website to gain early access to the upcoming product, as there is no further information available as to the pricing or the availability of the Super Mario-themed watch.

Since Tag Heuer is a premium Swiss watchmaker, the prices of their products are generally on the higher side. Considering that the upcoming Super Mario themed watch is an exclusive limited-edition launch, it might be priced towards the higher side. 

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