As the death rate has crossed 6000 worldwide and almost 2,00,000 people are infected from the novel coronavirus, Microsft's Bing team developed a portal to track the progress of COVID-19.

Microsoft Tracker

The Website provides updated statistics of each country, it shows no. of active cases, no. of fatal cases and no. of cases that had been recovered for each country. You can zoom into the country and get to know almost the exact local area of the case.

Along with the stats, this portal shows news and videos country-wise. When the portal had launched, some of the videos and news it was showing were not up-to-date but they have recovered the faults and now it is showing the latest news about coronavirus. 

coronavirus outbreak

The stats it is showing was totally based on the data provided by WHO (World Health Organisation). And for news, it is tracking the local newspaper.

Microsoft isn’t the only tech giant that is looking to provide information resources amidst the pandemic. Google has said it will launch a website “late Monday” with information about the outbreak, including how to prevent its spread and links to local resources. It is also providing information on the novel coronavirus on its homepage, and via YouTube and Maps. The company is also launching a limited coronavirus screening website, which is currently only available to people in the Bay Area of California, in contrast to the nationwide service that the US government suggested it was building on Friday.

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