Meta comes up with new privacy policy: Effective from July 23

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  • May 30,2022
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Meta (previously Facebook) is revising its privacy policy, and users will be notified of the changes starting today. The company also claims to have changed its policy to make it more user-friendly and to match the most recent Meta products. "While the text may appear to be different in certain places, Meta is not collecting, utilising, or sharing your data in new ways as a result of this policy update, and we continue to not sell your information," the firm stated in a statement.

"We have no new rights to people's data as a result of these Meta modifications." "By sharing more details and examples of our data practises, we hope to be clearer and more transparent," it continued.

The new policy will take effect on July 26, 2022, while users are receiving alerts about the approaching changes.

What’s new?

In three major areas, Meta's privacy policy has altered. Take a look at them below.

Clear Redesign: Meta claims to have revamped and rewritten its Privacy Policy to make it easier to comprehend and access the controls it provides to manage people's privacy. The new policy, according to the company, is based on feedback from privacy experts, policymakers, and consumers.

Updated Controls: In addition, the corporation has provided greater information about how it uses and shares data with third parties. Users now have more choice over who sees their postings and what topics they want to see adverts about than they did previously.

When someone picks a default audience on Facebook, that audience will be applied to all new posts generated until the user selects a different audience on a subsequent post. This eliminates the need for users to manually pick an audience for all posts within a given time frame.

Meta has also made the revised privacy policy available in a central location where users can easily view it. [] is where you can find the new policy.

"Think of Privacy Center as a one-stop shop for all of your privacy concerns, where you can learn about how we utilise data, take use of some of the privacy settings we provide, and brush up on ket account security tips and tools." Meta added, "We'll keep adding additional guidance and controls to it."

Why is this happening?

The objective of the privacy policy modification, according to Meta, is to assist users understand how the firm collects, uses, and shares data, as well as how things function.

The business also states that the change grants them no new rights, and that users who receive the notification are not required to take any action. Those who desire additional information, on the other hand, can click through the notification to learn more.

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