LG Electronics has announced earlier this week, that it will be collaborating with Assa Abloy to introduce a new type of automatic doors that will be using OLED display panels. These doors will be most likely to be used by the commercial sector.

Assa Abloy is a Swedish company that makes doors, mechanical locks, digital locks, and automatic doors. The company has a global market, including airports in South Korea. So it didn't come as a surprise that the South Korean giant would join hands with them to expand its product base.

A 55 inch LG OLED display panels will be used on these automatic doors. This will create a whole new section of revenue for airports and other commercial buildings like malls and another well-viewed area for companies where they can advertise their products.

Since there is no need for a backlight in OLED panels, it offers higher transparency, unlike LCD displays. Currently, we no nothing regarding the development plan, neither the company has offered any but it is possible that we will soon be seeing them in use in the near future.


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