Intel Launched RealSense ID Facial Recognition System, Can Be Used With ATM's and System Locks

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  • Feb 16,2024
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A few days ago, Intel has launched a new facial recognition system name as RealSense ID. According to the company, the latest technology uses a depth sensor with a specialized neural network powered by the company’s machine learning-based solutions. Similar to Apple Face ID, RealSense is an on-device solution but is not available for smartphones right now. Whereas, it will offer facial authentication on ATM's, System Locks, Airport kiosks, and many more. 

Intel claims that the technology adapts to the facial features of the user such as glasses, facial hair, and other changes that occur over time. It is expected to deliver secure, accurate, user-aware facial authentication. The Intel RealSense ID uses two camera lenses and sensors to capture depth. The hardware system also has an inbuilt anti-spoofing technology to prevent false entry attempts using images, videos, or masks. It is claimed to provide a one-in-a-million false acceptance rate. 

Coming to the pricing, the Intel RealSense ID F455 Peripheral is priced at Rs. 7,300 or $99. On the other hand, the Intel RealSense ID F450 Module will cost roughly Rs. 55,100 or $750. The product can be pre-ordered but is expected to ship in the first week of March. As per the official website, the hardware will be shipped to most countries including India. 

According to Intel, RealSense ID has an easy enrollment process as well as it doesn't require any network setup. "The solution is also only activated through user awareness and will not authenticate unless prompted by a pre-registered user," said Intel. "As with all Intel technology, we are working to ensure the ethical application of RealSense and the protection of human rights." 

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