Instagram two-factor security may soon use WhatsApp for authentication

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  • May 26,2021
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Will it actually make any difference for Insta users? You will have to wait and see. Instagram is facing a lot of criticism from US attorneys after it revealed its plans to create a different version of Instagram for Kids.

A report by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks features in the beta version of WhatsApp, shared screenshots of an Instagram feature that is prompting beta users to opt for two-factor authentication using WhatsApp. In the screenshots, there’s an option for the user to select WhatsApp as the medium to receive the passcode.

With 2FA, users will now need to provide their Insta ID and password, following which the service will send a One-Time Password (OTP) to the verified phone number. Hence, even if an account is accessed by a hacker, a second OTP code from the verified number needs to be provided.

The website shared images of the process of syncing messages between two devices. For now, even beta users of the application can’t use this feature, however, it hints that WhatsApp is gearing up towards a beta launch soon.

Using this new option could be beneficial in the future after WhatsApp introduces support for multiple devices for a single account. Using this feature, Instagram users will be able to get the two-factor authentication passcode on any of the devices running WhatsApp and will not rely on the primary device completely.

Instagram is yet to reveal the feature officially and the information currently comes from tipster Alessandro Paluzzi. In his tweet, Paluzzi shares screenshots of the upcoming feature within the Instagram app. A new report suggests that Instagram may now be testing one such feature to enhance safety and introduce two-factor authentication using WhatsApp.

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