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  • Sep 19,2024
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Instagram being a huge social media platform, faces a huge outbreak in its services across various countries. People remarks that Instagram is not loading their feeds and posts properly, moreover now people are also claiming that Facebook is also facing the same issue. Though we have not seen any official statements from Instagram or Facebook over this issue.

Instagram Down

The most popular website Downdetector shows a huge outbreak in the services of Instagram since the morning 11 IST, still, some people are facing the issue. I personally, encounter the problem and saw feeds not loading across all my devices, having issues in loading images, and videos. Thousands of Instagram users are experiencing issues with the app. Around 47 percent of Instagram users are not able to use the app properly, 27 percent are facing issues with the web version of the app and 26 percent are witnessing server connection issues.

Instagram Down

The Instagram shows the error message as "Feed can't be loaded", "There is a network issue", "Something went wrong please try again". The situation is a lot better now but still, I am facing issues while loading heavy content such as Videos or Reels. I have checked it on all my devices.

While looking at the comments on the down detector, people are also reporting the same issue for Facebook, but the graph is showing flawless service for Facebook.

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