Important things you must consider before buying TWS Earphones

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  • Jul 29,2022
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TWS (True Wireless Stereo) market has recently escalated when Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and replaced them with the AirPods. Ever since the demand for TWS earphones has continued to rise, multiple brands are offering unique designs and features. TWS earbuds are by far much more convenient to use when compared to normal wireless earbuds as you can connect without any cable or wires. Regardless of the brand, they all work in a very similar way and have some similar features like battery, cases. So, many people get confused while choosing an earphone that satisfies their all requirements. So, we are providing you some features that you must consider before buying a TWS earphone.

Sound Quality

The most basic and the most significant function of an earphone is to produce sound. It won't matter how stylish and cool the earphone looks if it doesn't produce a clear sound. So, you must test the sound quality of the earphone before purchasing it. Test different kinds of music like jazz, rock, instrumental, and many more. Test the call quality, check if your hearing the other person's voice clearly and they are too. After all this, you should decide if the earphone is suitable for you.  


Before purchasing, make sure to check out the waterproof/water resistance compatibility of the earphones. They might a little expensive than the regular ones but they are definitely worth it. If you are a sports person and wear earphones while running or during workouts then you should definitely choose them. If water-resistant earphones are beyond your budget, then you at least choose sweat-proof earphones. 

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most essential features you must consider before buying a TWS earphone. No one wants to charge their earphones all day.  

Earwax Cleaning

Some earphones have a non-removable tip which is not easy to clean and cleaning your earphones is something that everyone should think about doing. Earwax can build up on the driver ends affecting the way they sound. If not removed, it can block the drivers. We would suggest making sure you are able to get access to the ends so you can do the cleaning.

Version of Bluetooth

Most people don't know that Bluetooth earphones come with two different Bluetooth versions. The older one is 4.2 and the latest one is 5.0. Earphones with the latest Bluetooth version might a little expensive but they provide better transmitting speed as compared to the older version. Also, it will allow you to connect with the devices that are at a longer distance.


Premium TWS earbuds now have control buttons on the earbuds which lets you control how you listen to the audio. For instance, some latest earphones now have control buttons on each earbud that let you tap to increase volume, skip a track, or take phone calls. 

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