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How to Share Wi-Fi Password Between Android Phone and Chromebook

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  • Jul 14,2022
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Google is trying to make our Chromebooks and Android phones more and more compatible, like now it's possible to view photos from your Android phone on your Chromebook similarly with the notifications allowing you to reply to messages instantly another step in that direction is the ability to share Wi-fi passwords between Chromebooks and Android smartphones.

Given the most recent Chrome OS update, now Nearby Share can be utilized to share Wi-fi passwords between Chromebook and Android devices Here we gonna discuss the easiest method to do so.

Sharing Wi-Fi Passwords Between Chromebooks and Android Phones via Nearby Share


1. Go to internet settings on your Android phone, tap Share after choosing the Wi-fi network


2. Now Choose the Chromebook you want to provide your password to by clicking on the Nearby option after scanning the QR code.





3. The Chromebook gets the login info via Nearby Share, now it gets connected to the network automatically.




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