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How to Make Facebook Profile Private

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  • May 03,2021
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Facebook collects lots of information from users including their birthdays, jobs, and family updates, and obviously, anybody doesn’t want that information to be shared with the world. It is incredibly very easy to secure your information and hide it from the public. Today, I’m gonna tell you How to make your Facebook profile private?

1. Login into your Facebook account and select the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu select “Settings & Privacy” then click on settings again. In settings, screen click on the “Privacy” option on the left side of the panel.

2. There is “Your Activity section”. Here you can completely manage all the privacy settings liked with your account. Settings like - Who can see your posts, your pages, and people you follow.

3. There is an option “Who can see your future posts?” If it is set to “Public”, to change this click on the “Edit” button and set it to “Friends”, so that those who are in your friend list will be able to see your published posts. You can also add some “Friends except” and add people on your friend's list who won’t see any of your posts. Not only this you can also choose “Specific friends” and then your posts will be shown to only selected people only.

4. If a user wants, they can seep of all their older posts and “Limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends of friends or publicly” historically. If you choose this option then all of the previous posts will now be viewable by your friends. Any public member won’t be able to see the posts.

5. Also, there is another setting, “Who can see the people, page or the list you follow?” This privacy setting should be checked and to maintain privacy set it to “Only me”. Also, you can set it to Friends, Friends except, Specific friends. By setting it to “Only me” no one will be able to see people you follow.

Limiting Who can contact you?

1. If you do not want people to see your friend list then you can set the “Who can see your friends list?” option to “Only me”.

2. “Who can look you up using the mail address you provided?” set it to friends only, as they already know your email, but you can also set it to “Only me” for privacy concerns.

3. “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” In the same fashion you should set it to the “Only me” option for privacy concerns and strict restrictions.

4. “Do you want a search engine outside Facebook to link to your profile?”. For sure, people don’t want their profile discoverable outside Facebook on search engines, so set it to No.

How to control privacy settings on the Facebook app?

1. Open the Facebook app on your device. At the top right of the screen, there is a three-line menu tap on it. Scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy and then tap on Settings at the top of the list menu.


2. In Settings menus scroll down until you see “Privacy” tap on it and in that tap on “Privacy Settings”, then tap on the first option “Check a few important settings.”


3. In this menu, the first option is “Who can see what you share”. Tap on this and “Continue” the settings for “Friends and Following”. Here you should change “Who can see your friends list on your profile?” and “Who can see the people, Pages, and lists you follow?” to “Only me.”

4. Once you change the settings to your requirements, tap on Next and edit “Future Posts” and “Stories” to “Friends” for the best privacy level. Similar to that we have on desktop, you can also see “Limit past posts” to remove non-friends from previously tagged photos or posts. Tap Next again to save all of the changes and go back to your Facebook feed.

Well, while browning social media, privacy is a great concern and matters to a lot of people. Let us know in the comment below what your thoughts are regarding this and always stay tuned with us.

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