Google is now working to add assistant features that will help to save various data in one place. According to Google memory is a fast and straightforward way to save time and get everything in one place or folder. This will allow you to save screen contents like links, notes, reminders, and many more. In this memory section, one can also add pictures, videos, and any other kind of data too. Moreover, this feature will also provide you with some suggestions related to memory. With this, you can get access to all of them within the assistant. There are options with the help of them you can create a topic label and can easily organize them. In addition to this, there is also a search bar where you can search for memories that you have saved. Also, you get a memory shortcut for the home screen. After storing a memory you can get an entry in the memory feed that is accessible from the navigation bar at the bottom in assistant. All the memories will be added in the reverse chronological way as cards.  When you will save any of the docs files, google sheet files, any slides, sites, and other drive files, it will offer special cards.

Well, right now this feature is under testing, not everyone can get access to it.



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