Gmail's New Features Are Out

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  • Oct 20,2024
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Recently Google has revealed the new features for Gmail. Google claimed that the new modifications to the Gmail user interface are done for the better experience of users while receiving and sending the mail.

Below is a detailed description of the following changes.

New Avatar

To help the users while writing emails, recipients are going to appear in an avatar chip that will help the sender to identify the recipient better. This will also help to reduce the chance of errors, especially while sending emails to a large number of people. This Avatar chip will only appear when the valid recipients are selected. Now the web email can easily identify the accounts that you have contacted previously and will highlight them with a dark yellow colour. Google has uncovered these new features of Gmail through a blog post. It says that the new modification will be beneficial for the users to connect with their stakeholders and colleagues easily and quickly. Also, Google has added a more right-click menu that'll let users view a contact's full name and copy their email. 

A Gmail user can access a user's information card by going through recipient chips or choosing and applying the shortcut Alt/Option+→. 

Identify Duplicates.

If you have already added a recipient in the Cc or To or Secret Bcc category, the Gmail service will show a checkmark to suggest they have been added. Drag and drop between the fields will automatically clean up the duplicates between various fields. The email service now also improves the indicator to show where your keyboard cursor is moving with a grey menu when a drop-down section is selected. According to the company, these improvements will soon be accessible to Google Workspace, Business customers and G Suite Basic.




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