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  • Jun 20,2024
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Windows 11 has been released or announced by Microsoft in an event on 24 JUNE 2021. Microsoft promises free upgrades to all supported laptops and desktops running Windows 10. If we talk about Windows 11 system requirements, then it has been pumped up and requires a dedicated TPM chip to be present. So, if you have a compatible Windows 10 PC, which you can check through PC Health Check, then you can enroll in Windows Insider Program to get the latest Windows 11 previews as soon as they get released.

Various Windows Insider Program Channels

  1. Dev Channel: If you cannot wait for stable preview builds, then you can enroll in the Insider program through Dev Channel. Dev Channel is meant for developers and the build may be unstable and has a lot of bugs. So ensure you take backup of all your data or at least the important work and settings before you enroll in this program.
  2. Beta Channel: The recommended channel is Beta Channel, these builds are way more stable for regular use and will run smoothly.
  3. Release Preview Channel: The Release Preview channel provides builds that are near to final release and are the most refined among all the channels, but it takes time to build.

According to your hardware status in the Windows PC Health Check application, there are various roadmap things that you should consider for each channel.

Windows Insider ChannelHow to Enroll in Windows Insider Program

  1. Open Settings on your Windows-based computer and click on Update & Security
  2. On the left bottom side, you will see Windows Insider Tab, click on it.
  3. Now, tap on Get Started button on the right
    Windows 11 Insider Program
  4. Click on Link an account from the popup window and choose the account which is registered with your system, tap Continue
    Windows 11 Download
  5. Now, as per your liking choose your desired channel, Beta Channel is recommended from the stability point of view.
    Windows 11 Insider Program
  6. Restart your PC and you will start receiving Windows Insider Builds.

How to Install Windows 11 Insider Build?

As you are now enrolled in Windows Insider Program, you will Windows 11 Insider build as soon as it is available from Microsoft. When it is available Windows will automatically download it and notify you to install it.

You can also check for the update manually by heading to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and click on the option ‘Check for Updates’.

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Dheeraj Gaur
July 29, 2021 3:30 PM Reply

I must say, this method is surely a legit way to download Windows 11 officially.

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