Windows 11 : Why we need to have TPM, What is TPM

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  • Jun 23,2024
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Microsoft has pumped up the Windows 11 system requirement as compared to Windows 10. You need to have few extra things to run Windows 11. Though these extra things start bothering users when they hear about TPM and Secure Boot. Microsoft wants their users to have TPM installed in their systems else they won't be able to run Windows 11, apart from this Microsoft has also stripped off many processors from the compatibility list, check the full list of processors compatible with Windows 11.

So, let's check what exactly is this TPM and how it will benefit Windows 11 users.

What is TPM?

TPM (Trust Platform Module)is an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor. This is done via a physical hardware chip used to store encrypted information on the device, while also ensuring a secured boot environment.

This is quite similar to Samsung Knox security. TPM provides an extra layer of security for storing keys such as BitLocker Encryption, Windows Hello PINS,  biometrics, and PC hardware Keys

From Microsoft, TPM version 2.0 is required, though TPM version 1.2 would work as well. TPM is quite a time with us and was launched back in 2015, so most of the PC tend to have TPM but still many modern systems are marked as incompatible by Windows PC Health Check.

How to Check TPM Version?

To check TPM Version just follow few steps.

Steps to check TPM Version:

  1. Hit Win+R
  2. Type tpm.msc
    TPM Version Windows 11
  3. Check for the version on this screen, I have TPM Version 2.0

How to Enable TPM?

The steps to enable TPM is simple. Follow these steps to enable TPM on your system.

  1. Enter into BIOS Settings, depending on your PC/motherboard manufacturer, it varies from F2, DEL, F12, etc.
  2. Search for options listing as TPM or PTT, or to be more specific, for Intel look for TPM or PTT, and for AMD check for fTPM settings.
  3. If it is disabled, enable it.
  4. Exit saving settings or changes.
  5. Now you can check again you will have it enabled.
  6. In case you didn't find any such option then bad luck you don't have TPM on your system.

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